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What are V-TEMS

Plasticized polymers with a range of durometers and toughness to meet various material requirements.


Material Characteristics of V-TEMS

Viscous, high elongation, thermoplastic, non-toxic, cushioning, lubricating, non-compressive, non-hydroscopic. V-TEMs can be a thermoplastic alternative to thermal set materials, eliminating mixing and blending operations and allowing reuse of material.


Modifications and Additives

Specific oils for exudation, fragrances, over-the-counter (OTC) additives, triglyceride based formulations. Available in food grade and industrial grade formulations.


Products [ V-TEM ]


> Visco-elastic

> Self lubricating

> Skin Friendly

> Cushioning

> Engineered to durometer and toughness requirements


V-TEMS are visco-elastic thermoplastic elastomers (TPE’s). This means these materials can hold a shape, exhibit high degrees of elongation, and can be melted, solidified, and remelted with minimal or no loss of properties. The various polymers that form the basis of these materials are plasticized with oils to create elastomers of varying durometer, toughness, and elongation. V-TEMS have been commercialized with durometers of 10-40 Shore OO. We are capable of manufacturing V-TEMS with higher or lower durometers to meet customers’ specific needs.

V-TEMS can be melted and formed to shape by dipping, pouring, compression molding, laminate or slot die coatings. V-TEMS can be stand alone or applied to various substrates such as textiles, hook & loop, pressure sensitive adhesives, release films. V-TEMS can be used as sealants or gasket materials on glass, metal, and some plastic materials. V-TEMS can provide cushioning, shear force reduction, vibration dampening, and/or lubrication. V-TEMS can allow light as well as ultrasonic transmission.

V-TEMS are non-toxic and will not support bacterial growth. If an application requires a more aggressive antibacterial behavior, an appropriate additive can be incorporated into the V-TEM.


When lubrication or exudation is important, the rate of exudation can be varied. In addition, various oils, including triglycerides (vegetable oils), can be added to and/or substituted for the plasticizing oils to achieve specific results.


OTC (over-the-counter) compounds can be incorporated into the V-TEM and then allowed to exude at repeatable rates from the final product.

Menthol, caffeine, capsicum, camphor, and salicylic acid have all been successfully incorporated into V-TEMS.


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V-TEMS are visco-elastic thermoplastic elastomers (TPE’s).

These materials can hold a shape, exhibit high degrees of elongation, and can be melted, solidified, and remelted with minimal or no loss of properties. Read more


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